People who have found this site and enjoyed what they have seen have often asked these questions.

Do you sell your jewellery?


I have a selection for sale at the Lustre Gallery in Nelson NZ and can be found occassionally at the Nelson Markets on a Saturday morning.I don't sell through this website but if you particularly like something that you see please feel free to email your interest. Pieces usually sell according to size and prices typically range from NZ$10 to NZ$25.

Because this is not a sales website, the pieces you see here are not necessarily still available for sale. All the pieces are unique and stock can turn over quickly. If I don't have the exact piece you are interested in I can show you what I have that may be similar or I will happily try to recreate something you might like. There is no guarantee it will be exactly the same and no compulsion for you to pay anything if you are not completely happy with it. But it will be unique!.

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Can you show me how to make them?


I have run small classes in the past and am happy to do so again but I live in Nelson New Zealand so unless you are local it will be difficult.

If you live in Nelson feel free to email your interest and I'll see what we can do.

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What size are the pieces?

They range in size. Earrings are usually around 3cm diameter. Small brooches around 4cm. Medium size ovals/birds about 6cm long and large heart/leaf pendants around 7cm.

If you are really interested in an existing piece I can photograph it next to an object you are familar with to show scale.

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